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Boxing Sports

What is Kick Boxing?

Kick boxing is a group of stand-up combat sports based on punching and kicking. These sports are typically practiced in a boxing ring. To participate, you must wear a pair of boxing gloves and a mouth-guard. In addition to the boxing gloves, you’ll also need shorts and bare feet. Kick boxing can be practiced for fitness, self-defense, or even competition.

Rules of kickboxing

The Rules of kickboxing are quite similar to those of boxing. Kicks to the head are considered the most effective knockout technique in this sport. Kickboxing matches are held in the boxing ring, and full contact matches must be fought against a fighter in the same weight category. Before the bout begins, the fighters touch their gloves to indicate their readiness to fight. A technical knockout occurs when the fighter cannot defend themselves anymore and cannot continue.

Kickboxing uses three main defensive positions: sweeping, evading, and parrying. Each fighter has his or her own style of defence. Some may lower their guards to protect their head, while others might raise theirs to protect the body. A kick-boxer may use any of these positions throughout about, choosing the one that best protects them. In addition to evading strikes, kick-boxers must stay a step ahead of their opponents.


Learn kick boxing techniques to defeat your opponent. The kicks should be fast and accurate and should be practiced on a bag, a shield, and focus pads. If you are an amateur, it is not recommended that you learn how to use the high kick. Only use it when your assailant is down or weakened. There are certain rules about high kicks and they are not appropriate for most fights.

The technique is effective when used in combination with other techniques. A kick is thrown with the front foot, usually on the centerline of your stance. The body must be aligned in such a way that the head, shoulders, and hips come before the leg. Your knee must bend to pick up the leg and drive the heel forward in a straight line, then drive it down with the kick. This technique is very effective, and is not suitable for street use.

Fitness benefits

Kickboxing is a great way to get your heart pumping and get in shape. You will not only get in shape physically, but your mental health will benefit as well. Combined with a cardio workout, it will give you the feeling of being pumped up. Exercise also releases neurotransmitters called endorphins, which are euphoric hormones released by the brain when you do vigorous physical activity. Runner’s high is a typical example of how intense exercise can reduce anxiety and stress.

A kickboxing workout will engage every part of your body, including the abs, core, and legs. The intensity of the exercise works for all muscle groups and requires the use of core muscles to keep balance. You will get a toned body and a smaller waistline. You will have firmer arms, legs, and buttocks as a result. Also develop good balance, since kickboxing requires you to perform multiple movements simultaneously.


Kickboxing has a variety of different styles. Shaolin Boxing is one of the oldest forms of kickboxing, and has the advantage of being able to use all of your body’s limbs when striking. It was developed by a Japanese master and eventually became known as Shorinji Karate. Despite its ancient roots, it has gained huge popularity worldwide. Styles of kick boxing differ according to their specific goals and techniques.

American kick boxing, for example, differs from its Thai cousin in several ways. While both styles are in full contact, the American kickboxing style uses fists and kicks. It is similar to Muay Thai but does not permit elbows or knees. The American style was also the first to use the modern name, Kickboxing. The karate style of kickboxing is a hybrid of both Thai and Boxing.

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